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Artspan's Satisfaction Guarantee

You may chose to purchase my painting directly from me or through Artspan, we both honor Artspan's Satisfaction Guarantee. You may make your purchase through Artspan using Master card or Visa,  I can only accept checks at this time.

It can be difficult to make an absolute final decision without having the actual work in front of you.  With the Artspan's Satisfaction Guarantee, my painting is shipped to you ( via federal express) for your final approval after receipt of payment. 

If you decide the work is not for you, simply return it within its packing within 5 business days and you will receive an immediate refund.  If you decide to return it, you will pay for the shipping to you and back.  You will be informed of the shipping charges before the painting is shipped.  If you keep the painting shipping is free.

Artspan and I want you to be happy when you add a 'Cassandra Jennings Hall' to your collection.

Cassandra Jennings Hall

For further information or sales;

please contact Cassandra Jennings Hall, at  (201)833-2914 or contact   Artspan or (609)397-0888.

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